A Few Hours in Casablanca

A Few Hours in Casablanca

After visiting the Hassan II Mosque, I walked around Casablanca for a few hours before leaving for Marrakesh. I found little to do but it was nice to check the city off my list.

Following advice from my Nat Geo guide, I visited La Sqala, part of an old fort that was built in 1790. I didn’t find it very interesting, but my husband never turns down an opportunity to see a cannon.

Warning: When we visited, there was a pair of German shepherds chained near the canon. They seemed friendly enough, but barked at us first.

From there, we wandered into a neighborhood where locals went about their daily routines, buying meat and produce, getting water from a community fountain. Perhaps because it was our first day in Morocco, I felt like we were the only tourists, but not in a good way, like I was somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be. So, I took a few photos and we left.

Our last stop in Casablanca was the Habous, a small market recommended by an American who was living in Morocco that we had met earlier at the mosque. I was intrigued by the rugs, mirrors and metalwork for sale, but I knew it was too soon to start buying these kinds of souvenirs. Fortunately, the impressive souks in Marrakesh would prove this a wise decision.


La Sqala




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